our team

Doyle Vineyard Management is proud to have a team of highly experienced and dedicated individuals. Most of our employees have spent the majority of their careers in the business of growing quality grapes and are well-versed in all phases of the development and management of vineyards.

  • MATT DOYLE¬†Director of Vineyard Operations
  • S. PIERCE Office Manager
  • BILL TOMPKINS¬†Shop Manager
  • DAVID WOODWORTH Senior Mechanic
  • ROB GEE Seneca Vineyard Manager
  • JIMMY UNDERHILL Dresden Vineyard Manager
  • MATT DERICK Senior Viticulturist/Operator
  • BILL DERICK Senior Viticulturist
  • ANGEL REYES Immigrant Labor Supervisor
  • MIKE COVILLE Viticulturist
  • JOHN MARSHALL Viticulturist
  • WALTER THOMPSON Viticulturist
  • AUSTIN CARTWRIGHT Viticulturist
  • JOHN KELLER Viticulturist
  • DYLAN STORRS Viticulturist
  • GEORGE MCINTYRE Viticulturist
  • KERRY SIMMONS Viticulturist
  • MIKE VANDERVEER Viticulturist