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Vineyard Management

We offer a variety of consulting and viticulture services depending on our client needs.


Owning a vineyard in a long-term investment that can pay dividends, under the right circumstances. Regardless if you own a vineyard, you are looking to acquire a vineyard, or are thinking about planting a new vineyard, we can assist you to ensure that your investment is a worthwhile decision. Let our world-class team come along side of you during your journey to vineyard success!

  • site acquisitions and/or evaluations
  • soil, water and petiole evaluation
  • planting decisions
  • vine selection
  • vineyard planning, design and installation
  • vineyard equipment selection, rental and hauling
  • soil health assessments
  • nutrition, crop, and canopy management planning
  • frost prevention
  • harvest planning
  • task and labor planning
  • integrated pest management planning
  • wildlife management planning
  • logistical support
  • business planning
  • market studies
  • cost studies and analysis
  • vineyard removal decision making and analysis
  • vineyard rehabilitation planning
  • grape sales and marketing


Doyle Vineyard Management is the premier service provider for vineyard management in the Finger Lakes. Our talented and dedicated team specializes in caring for vineyards across the region and greater northeast. Coupled with our state-of-the-art vineyard specific equipment, no job is too big for our viticulture team.

Our team has the capabilities to perform all viticulture services associated with wine and juice grape growing, including:

  • trellis repair and installation
  • pruning
  • tying
  • brush chopping
  • integrated pest management
  • weed control
  • brush mowing
  • hedgerow management
  • nutrient management
  • canopy management
  • shoot positioning
  • shoot thinning
  • leaf pulling
  • hilling/de-hilling
  • installation of replacement vines
  • drainage repair and installation
  • crop management
  • wildlife management
  • custom harvesting
  • equipment repair and service
  • gregoire authorized part sales and service

NOTE: At this time, Doyle Vineyard Management does not sell grape vines direct.  To purchase vines, please visit Double A or Grafted Grapevine.

Doyle Vineyard Management is a Certified Sustainable Vineyard.
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